Welcome to Mewat Model School,Hathin! Whether you are new to Mewat Model School or a returning family, we are happy that you joined us. You have made the right choice for your child’s education. Mewat Model School offers a devoted and collegial staff that will take care of your children and hold them accountable to high expectations. Our students, staff and families work together to create an atmosphere where children are intellectually challenged in ways appropriate to their individual strengths, needs, and experiences. Our goal is to create a learning community that is committed to engaging and challenging every student in every classroom every day.

We believe that parents play a critical role in the success of our students. Parents, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. You know your child better than anyone else and we invite you to work in partnership with your child’s classroom teacher. You have rich insight into your child’s unique needs, talents and interests. Please feel free to share any information that you believe will help us increase your child’s success. Teachers, however, have a unique perspective on your child. They will see your child as a member of the class and watch as they interact with peers, face the challenge of new learning, ask questions, and solve problems. Parent and teacher perspectives, working in partnership, are critical to ensure that your child’s time at Mewat Model School Hathin is exciting and rewarding.

In 1991, Mewat Model School begins its humble beginning to envisage a vision, a mission, to carry itself forwarded in unfolding into the new area of technical and modern development in region of Mewat area. It is the combined team effort of staff and administration that lead to emerge this school as leader in this area. It is my firm belief that knowledge acquired should contribute to well-being of humanity and that our students are doing the same over the years. The aim of my life is to develop mental and technical growth with right view in every student by providing scientific and latest education. Our students are a living testimony to devotion, determination and diligence that have been the hallmarks of Mewat Model School Hathin. Our ambition is the fuel of achievement. I am confident that students from this school will be ready to perform in any organization set up anywhere in the world. We provide quality education to the students.